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Sketch Artist & Partner at Dipstick Studio 708.606.2742

Our Pictures
are worth more than just a
thousand words to our clients.

An Ideation Artist is also known as a Meeting's Sketch Artist, a Graphic Facilitator, Visual Note Taker, a Whiteboard Artist, or a Visual Scribe. It's a newer field of work and everyone calls it something different, but basically we are artists who are able to think on your feet and quickly communicate visually  for a meeting, workshop or focus group.

Finished Research drawings
Great for testing New Product Concepts
Big Wall Drawings and Presentation boards
These Boards really grab the attention of the group and start them talking 
Some of our Focus Group Work.
These are examples very quick Live product idea concept captures
from focus groups and workshopswhile they wait.
Our clients believe in what we do.

Here are some of our trusted clients

and what they are say about us.

SAM-web-logo copy

SAM-web-logo copy

" I love these guys! I have them at all my meetings! Jim and his partners drawings bring back the meetings weeks later. Use them! You will be astonished on what you remember about a meeting!"

              Marcus Arnwine- Senior Product Manager, Humira Dermatology

“Jim and Dave are the best I’ve ever seen. I highly

recommend them for any innovation session.”

              Gerald “Solution Man” Haman - The Thinubator


“They helped bring new thinking to our projects.”

               Pippa Colden - The Lockwood Group


“You look at their drawings from the meeting weeks later and you can

remember exactly what we were talking about. Pretty Amazing stuff!”

                Kurt Riesenberg- Abbvie Marketing Manager


“Jim and Dave are the cosumet professionals.

They bring there best everytime I work with them.”

                Bryan Urlick - CEO & President Consumer Knowledge Ltd

"It's just amazing how Jim captures everything in pictures as the meeting went on. Great Job!" 

                Michele Musci - Sage Therapeutics

An hour long Live Wall Drawing capture,
in front of 30 workshop doctors as they talk
about their practices and daily schedule.
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