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a bit about me:

Street smart Advertising guy, Jim Swanson has been around the block a few times. Graphic Designer by trade, he cut his teeth at Draft/FCB. Moved over to Dawson, Johns & Black Chicago for several years, then on to DDB Chicago where he was a key player in getting DDB Storyboard Studio up and running. before he started on his freelance journey. As a top Chicago freelancer, Jim has worked on everything from new product launches to guerrilla marketing events. He most recently has lead a core of digital designers at Dipstick Studio. Some more recognizable clients he’s worked with include American Cancer Society, Firestone, Dell, KRAFT, Budweiser, McDonald’s, Brother’s, and Sellstrom. He has collected accolades from Communication Arts, Print magazine, and others along the way. That’s an entire career in a single paragraph, sparing the dazzling details while assuring you, the talent he fought with in the streets were none other than the toughest and most respected men and women in advertising.


Quick particulars: Known also as "Swanny" by most of his friends. A native Wisconsinite with family roots in Beloit and Ohio—visits as often as he can. A Big Packer fan. Loves a full breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cranky when hungry. A prize winning oil painter and teacher. Has a beautiful and artfully-talented family. Shaves twice a week (sensitive skin?). Nice guy, emphatic listener.

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